News Hideo Kojima announces next game

Action Espionage

Hideo Kojima announced his 3rd new IP from Kojima Productions. The working title is Physint, and it will be a game in the action espionage genre. He feels it will be a culmination of his 40 years of working in the games industry.

Hideo Kojima announced that he is working on a brand new IP, with the working title: Physint. It will be the next game he works on after completing Death Stranding 2. The announcement was made during the Sony State of Play on Jan 31st, and it seems like there is a strong partnership between Kojima Productions and Sony for this game.

Kojima mentioned this will be a next-generation game. Presumably, he is not talking about our current generation of PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, but rather whatever comes next. This might be the first “next-gen” announcement that has been made at this point.

He went on to tell us that this game will be worked on in earnest after Death Stranding 2 is released in 2025, which means we will like not see this game launching for quite some time. My best guess would be 2029, at the earliest.

Now, this is all very exciting, but what made the announcement a “hype intensifying” one, was the fact that he confirmed this will be a new game in the ACTION ESPIONAGE genre. I use all caps here as the subtitles during the announcement did the same to emphasize the magnitude of this announcement. This means Kojima will be working on a new game in the vein of the Metal Gear franchise, and I could not be more excited about that.

Kojima mentioned that the game would “bring together cutting edge technology and talent from around the world…” and “will be an interactive game, but it is also a movie at the same time: in terms of look, story, theme, cast, acting, fashion and sound”.

Finally, it was shown that the announcement was taking place at the Sony owned Columbia Pictures studio lot, driving home the point that this game will not only have Sony’s full backing, but also emphasizing Kojima's desire to “transcend the barriers between film and video games”. If he is able to accomplish all of these things, it would certainly be a culmination of what Kojima has been doing in games his entire career.