News Light No Fire Announced

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Hello Games have announced their next game, Light No Fire. It is, what they are calling, the first truly open-world game.

Hello Games have announced their next highly ambitious game, Light No Fire. Sean Murray took to the stage during the Video Game Awards to show off the new trailer for the game. He opened by first addressing their current game No Mans Sky.

No Mans Sky was announced at the Video Game Awards 10 years ago. During that announcement, Hello Games shocked everyone with the vastness of the game, and how infinite the possibilities could be playing it. The game was something that players had never seen before, a procedurally generated universe, so vast that not one person could ever hope to explore it all.

The excitement among gamers leading up to the release of No Mans Sky was so immense, that upon release, many gamers were let down that it did not live up to what games had envisioned it would be.

Fast forward 10 years and No Mans Sky has evolved from its controversial first release, into a game that has had countless improvements and quality of life upgrades. The game, in its current state, barely resembles the game that launched to much disappointment. From the trailer shown of Light No Fire, it seems that developer Hello Games have taken all they have learned from salvaging No Mans Sky and applied it to their new game.

Instead of an infinite universe to explore, we are instead given a single planet. An Earth-like planet, that it is as varied as a universe. It is a world where everything is to scale. As Sean put it during his presentation, “Something with mountains… real mountains. Not video game mountains. Mountains that are miles high, taller than Everest” He described the game world having, rivers, canyons, continents, oceans.

While this would be quite feat to pull off for any single player game, Sean took it a step further by explaining that this would be a world where “Everyone can play together”.

No release date (or release window for that matter) was provided. However, what the trailer showed off was shot completely in game, with multiplayer enabled. So perhaps it is not as far off as we may think.

No Mans Sky eventually added a VR mode that can be played on Meta Quest, using a Quest Link cable connect to a PC. Hopefully this game will follow suit.